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Chloé Rhule

Chloé Rhule is a 25-year-old writer whose recent creativity has stemmed from the untimely passing of her beloved younger brother Cameron Rhule. Chloé utilizes various styles and techniques to communicate her ideas.  She is very much a ‘realist author’ who produces thought provoking and heart wrenching literature.  


Enuma is a vocalist, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays an organic blend of r&b, blues, folk rock, and jazz. The name Enuma means “the heavens know” in Igbo and as an artist who hails from Kitchener, Ontario and has settled in the multicultural landscape of Toronto, she proudly draws from her Jamaican and African […]

Ayo Afriickaa (Ayotunde Alade)

Ayo Afriickaa (Ayotunde Alade) is a talented Nigerian/Canadian photographer who strives to be what other photographers are not. Ayo spends a lot of his time thinking of different concepts for his photography. Everyday, Ayo tries to grow more as a photographer as he wants to be the best he can be. Most of his work can be found at […]

Lameck Williams

Lameck Williams (aka L. Dawg, The Lyrical King) is a Toronto-based rapper born in Zurich, Switzerland to his late Zimbabwean mother and his Congolese father.  He began his artistic life as a poet, writer, actor and athletic weedsmoker in Switzerland. When he moved to Toronto, he participated in the Underground breakdance scene where he learned […]


Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Helena is a singer, songwriter, dancer and filmmaker. This young performer chanced upon the stage as a member of Tis Abbay Band of Montreal at 13.   As one of the new generation of Africans growing up in North America she began writing, singing, rapping, and making beats in a style […]

Saa Andrew Gbongbor

In 1998, Saa Andrew Gbongbor was forced out of his village in Sierra Leone, West Africa because of diamond-fueled civil war. He moved to a crowded refugee camp in Gambia, where he slept on a tarp and survived on cornmeal.  It was here at the age of 15 that he began singing the reggae songs […]

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