African History Month Book Recommendations – Aggrey C. Sambay



Aggrey Sambay’s Recommendations: 

1. The Sinister Trophy by John Kiriamiti 2004 photo yes Available at

The Sinister Trophy
Written by the author of the popular Son of Fate, this follow-up story tells of Adams Wamathina, better known as Son of Fate, who is searching for a trophy which other parties will stop at nothing to get. The action takes place in Nairobi and Tanzania and Son of Fate finds himself involved with car chases and murder as he becomes embroiled in the chase.*

2.  Son of Fate by John Kiriamiti 2003 

Son of Fate
This novel is by the author of the celebrated My Life in Crime and is his first. The life of the ‘Son of Fate’ is a grim struggle for survival, after his release from prison. He tries his luck at farming, and odd jobs in the city, but everything fails, and he finds himself on the wrong side of the law again. But a glimmer of hope comes when he rescues a tycoon.*
3. My Life in Crime by John Kiriamiti 1984 (not currently available on

John Kiriamiti was a real-life criminal in Kenya during the 1960s and 1970s in the wake of the country’s independence. Kiriamiti evaded the Kenyan police for all the crimes he committed until he was arrested in November 1970 on the eve of his wedding. He was charged and imprisoned on January 6, 1971 on counts of robbery. My Life in Crime was written and published while Kiriamiti was in jail. He was released in 1984, five months after the novel’s publication. **

4.  The Minister’s Daughter by Mwangi Ruheni 1975 Available on and


MInister's Daughter



5.  The Verdict of Death by Onduko bw’ Atebe (no source found)

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