Dance Review: Danzas Sagradas

Danzas Sagradas
Anjelica Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco
Harbourfront Centre
Nov. 15 & 16, 2013
Reviewed by Lise Watson

Danzas Sagradas (Sacred Dance) was a tour de force for the young flamenca Anjelica Scannura, who has risen to new heights and confirmed her place as a front-runner in this competitive music and dance community.

Based on Picasso’s Guernica painting, with which her guitarist/artist father Roger Scannura has been fascinated for many years, Anjelica has taken up the challenge and created a unique expression of the power of the painting that depicts the tragic events that took place during WWII in the Basque town of Guernica at the hands of the Nazis.

Born into a flamenco family, Anjelica has defined her own style by combining aspects of flamenco and Middle Eastern bellydance with remarkable results. The sets and costuming were stunning examples of Anjelica’s youthful vision and the power of her performance is unmatched.

Several of the pieces within the show had a B&W film by Bryan Belanger Diaz and Shaun Jennings with assistance from Caitie Lusk as a backdrop. This bit of brilliance added to the incredible visual effect.

Joining Anjelica onstage were Roger and Valerie Scannura and the rest of Ritmo Flamenco. Roger’s original composition is always outstanding. And never underestimate the power of live musical accompaniment. Mother Valerie could not hold back her pride in her remarkable daughter, nor should she have! It was a special family moment, to be sure. Anjelica has arrived.

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